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We got to hang out with this amazing girl downtown today @jennxpenn - doesn’t she look great in LOVE NAIL TREE?! Who else loves Jenn?!

The LAYERED necklace.

BON COURAGE - “Take Heart”

AINT G’N SPARE MY SOUL, washing in the river… (at

Behind the scenes yesterday, shooting for a new shirt design!

The cutest @beamiller came to visit us today ❤️ we are inspired by her music and can’t wait to work on some collab pieces!

STORIES are forever. | Our sheer back tank photographed on the 6th street bridge. 

They’d been married for three years. Jill lay on the bed, catching the light of the bedside lamp in her tiny ring, shining the reflection along the ceiling. Jerome, the cat, sat next to her, watching impassively.

“I’m probably going to die before this diamond does.”

“Uh, what?” Ryan was picking out a tie.

“Oh, you know.” She stared at the stone. “I’m definitely going to die eventually, and you will, too, and this little gem is gonna end up on somebody else’s finger. It’ll live forever, basically.”

Ryan smiled. “You didn’t take your meds this morning, huh?”

She glared at him. “I’m being deep. Don’t tease me.”

“You’re right,” he chuckled. “I forgot I’m not supposed to tease you when you’re being deep.”

“I’m always deep,” Jill said. “So you should never tease me.”

“I don’t remember that being in the vows.”

She folded her arms. “You must not have been paying attention.

Ryan slipped a tie around his neck, a blue and gold striped one. “How could I pay attention at the altar when I was staring into the beautiful face of the perfect woman?” He tightened the knot.

“I am the perfect woman, huh.” She smirked.


Ryan put on shoes and pulled up his socks. Jill slipped off the ring and set it on the table. “It’s funny, I feel naked without it,” she said.

“Yeah.” He touched his own wedding ring, noted the nicks and scuffs.

“A diamond is just a rock, you know? A nice rock, but it’s just a rock.”

“Yeah. It’s barely even real,” he said. “You and me, Jerome, this life we’ve got – this is real. And we’ll always have it, forever.”

She grinned. “Now who’s being deep?”

“We’re obviously a very deep couple,” he deadpanned. “The world is lucky to have us.”

Jill climbed over the bed and draped her arms around Ryan. “I’m lucky to have you.”

“Me, too,” he said. “Forever.”

MUSIC BREATHES LIFE : Microphone Necklace 

"The four elements: silence, words, noise, and music. Silence is our born state, the patient stillness from which we emerged. Silence calls us, "Come back…" 

Words are what we employ to communicate. They’re clumsy, an imperfect utility at best. Words are attempted order. They pile up like bricks, then melt like ice. Noise is the clutter around us, the countless groans of all humanity, our cacophony of contraptions, violations, and unnatural animation. 

Noise fills spaces better left empty. Music is the transparent colors that slip through us like wind flows through a tree. 

Music is what we’re made of, rhythm and melody, artful harmony. Music arouses the soul.” 

JOIN US - our 2nd (and last!) weekend of LOVE NAIL TREE 8TH EDITION STORY : THEATRE starts tonight! Experience some of our new collection through a short series of plays and monologues.

FRI/SAT @ 8pm
SUN @ 5pm

611 Gladys Ave.
LA, CA 90021

$15 entry at the door/ $12 presale

We will change the world with the stories we tell. (at The Warehaas)


“I don’t think faith is quite as simple as everyone makes it out to be. I mean come on man, how could it be that millions of people have walked this earth only to die and fall prey to the ramifications of some ancient religion? Hell? No way do I believe it, but then again, there’s a lot I don’t believe in.”

Anil wiped his face and gazed at the machine, tumbling jeans and shirts and detergent together. The door was rusted at the hinges, but it still kept water. It washed his clothes for almost a decade. Every other week the same sounds and smells. Nothing new, nothing out of place, nothing unpredictable.

“But I don’t know man, what about you? You’ve always seen things different from me, or that guy outside, or whomever else.”

Anil looked at him and rolled his shoulders back. “Yes, I do.” He felt the same strange pulse of energy upon disagreeing that he always felt. It was enlivening to get to civilly disagree because it felt right, like seeing math equations solved or trees, over the years, emerge from the earth and sprout limbs and leaves. He kept his shoulders back. “While we disagree, I like our conversations. We get to believe differently, and live differently too. But we’re still civil. We still meet at the laundromat every other Saturday at Ten with our wash, knowing we’ll debate about something. I always look forward to it.”

“Me too. The wash is a metaphor I tell people all the time to talk about the world and society. Think about how bright clothing gets slightly less colorful every time it’s washed. Where does that color go?”

“Down the drain?”

“Yeah, that. And into other clothing. Think about it. The things we say, or do, or whatever—they rub off on other people just a little bit. Just a little, you know?”

“Is this your way of sneaking your spiritual ideals on me or something?”

They laugh. Anil looks back at the machine and watches it tumbling his laundry again. Over, and over, and over. No item loses its identity or essence as a pair of pants or pair of socks, but still everything just a little more the color of everything else. Everything in the wash a little more similar. 

Join us TONIGHT as we launch our 8th Edition with @lacanvas at The Warehaas! Enjoy food, drinks, coffee, music and shopping from some great brands! We’ll be hanging from 7pm-1am #6thstreetmarket (at THE WAREHAAS)

It’s finally HERE!!!!! LOVE NAIL TREE 8th Edition launches this Thursday at our Warehaas in #DTLA (online to follow shortly after :) Food, drinks, and #shopping! The fun starts at 7 and goes late :) (at The Warehaas)

Blogger @tayehansberry wearing our Harmony Muscle Tank 👌 #peaceandchaos #harmony (at\


@jennxpenn wearing our Fly Away Blouse 👌 #legit #flyaway (at

Calling all fine artists! We need a serious collection of used and abused art supplies. If you have a solid collection you wouldn’t mind us borrowing for 30min in exchange for some brand new LOVE NAIL TREE send us a pic of what you got! Bigger the collection the better. #newshirtdesigns